Metacore is a game company focused on creating mobile game phenomena. They needed new, larger office spaces.

Bolder Development provided Metacore with new office spaces as a turnkey solution, allowing game developers to focus on game development in functional and inspiring settings. Bolder planned and managed the office project from start to finish.

Metacore’s Anna Kaskeala-Moore explains their needs regarding the move:

“Our work is based on close collaboration among team members. Yet, it’s important that different game teams can gather together – socially and for work-related matters.

The spaces should be playfully stylish with a touch of subtlety. They need to adapt to ever-changing work habits and support creative collaboration in all its forms.”

Christina Warelius from Bolder Development served Metacore’s needs within the team. Anna is pleased with the collaboration:

“Bolder has taken care of the entire project from start to finish. The timeline has been tightly managed throughout; we have been reminded, informed, and ensured that we make decisions on time. There has been a lot of communication, and we have been kept informed at every turn.

It has been reassuring to have someone else overseeing the project, which has freed up time for other tasks. We were presented with alternative solutions for every decision. Bolder assists and supports in problem-solving – both big and small.

Things have gone extremely well.