POOL Merikortteli

The Merikortteli building, a 28,000 m2 industrial structure encompassing an entire city block, was constructed by the Finnish Cable Factory and was completed between 1919 and 1934. It is now known as the Maritime Quarter. This building became Finland’s first modern industrial complex and housed tenants such as the Finnish Electric Lamp Factory (Airam). The original architects of the property were Walter Jung and W. G. Palmqvist.

POOL, a flexible workspace solution located on the fifth floor of the Maritime Quarter, draws its inspiration from the area’s and the property’s history. The space’s industrial rawness and relaxed layering are rooted in the history of Punavuori as an industrial district.

Key features of the office space include the high ceilings typical of factory buildings and white-checkered glass walls inspired by the grid-patterned windows of old industrial spaces. Exposed ceiling structures and concrete details on surfaces contribute to an industrial feel while maintaining a fresh, modern, and inviting atmosphere.