Stella Business Park

Stella Business Park is renewed and ready to serve its current and future customers!

In this property, all the lobbies and restaurants of the buildings were renovated. In addition to ARCH and INT tasks, Bolder also took on the role of project management in this project. The project was completed on schedule and within budget.

Tiina Tuomi-Lahtinen shares her experience working with Bolder:

“Collaboration with Bolder has been seamless and efficient from the beginning. Communication has been maintained with both the client and contractors and furniture suppliers throughout the project, and there has been no need to worry about the progress of things.

The project manager had a strong vision of the end result from the very beginning. Three different yet complementary lobby areas were renovated in Stella Business Park to match the spirit and style of the property. Each of these has been successful and received praise from customers. It’s a pleasure to look at the end result, as even the smallest details have been taken into account.”

Bolder also expresses its gratitude to the Client for excellent collaboration and trust, as well as to the partners involved in the project!